Our x factor:
what makes mix tick.


Our values add value.

This is MixOS. How we work. Why we work. We’ve kicked the platitudes off the ladder and created instead a very specific guide to How We Behave At Mix.



Connect to your Why
Know why you are doing what you are doing

Build new capabilities
Learn how to be awesome at new things that help our clients and the company

Be efficient, but don’t take shortcuts
Find ways to continue to get better at what you do

Be well
Take care of yourself, your family, and your community



Thrive in ambiguity
We aren’t going to have answers to every question and things will change quickly.  Trust those around you and roll with it.

Do what you think is right
Make the decision you would want someone else to make if you were on the other side of the table.

Use your best judgment
We hire adults and empower them to make good decisions

Tackle new problems
Find inefficiencies, new problems to solve, or novel ways of solving old problems



Invest in others’ success
When we care about others first, good things happen.

Listen – really listen – to what people are saying 
When we do new things, it is because we have listened to what our customers want

Be a great teammate
Have each others’ back and be dependable

Do the work
This is an effort business – put into it what you expect to get out of it



Make your clients look good
The clients we work with trust us…and trust is not owned – rent is due every day

Do good work that people remember
Good work gets work

Create honest fellowship
Be someone people want to work with

Provide more than what is expected
Do the little things that mean something to people – make the extra call, send the handwritten note. 
Good things come to those who pick up the phone and get on the plane.