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How can you help us grab good talent’s attention?

Even in a kinetic, crowded, noisy market, you can break through to the talent you need. The secret is Story. Everybody loves a good story. It interrupts. It differentiates. And it draws attention. So, at Mix, we pay special attention to crafting the story of your company and your brand, because candidates want something more than facts and figures—they want to know the story they will be a part of. 

Then we keep their attention. That takes The Experience. We craft a custom experience for every candidate from start to finish. (The ol’ Golden Rule still works!) We are always there to answer their questions and to follow up with more information. And to ask them more questions about their lives and goals away from work. The Mix experience is one that even candidates who don’t get the job tell us was the best they’ve ever had. (Which looks good on you as well.)


How do you know they’ll be right for who we are?

It starts before you meet them, with a detailed job profile and a pre-employment questionnaire that are carefully crafted to reveal those connections (or disconnections) with your company culture and your aspirations.

Then, in the 1:1 interview process, we take the time to ask the questions that seemingly have nothing to do with the job; hobbies, family, dreams, work/life balance, inspirations, etc., because they will end up having a lot to do with the job.

Our Assessment Tools, and the technology inside them, continue the match game with insight, proven data and real-time answers.

And, finally, there’s The Culture fit. We take the time and effort to understand the company culture you’ve built (or want to build—and we have experts to help there as well!) because if you gloss over that, you won’t know what a “right fit” is. And we’ve found that when you don’t pay enough attention to Culture, larger drop-off rates are sure to follow.

91% of Millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years

How do we find people with stick-to-itness?


A fact: 91% of Millennials expect to stay in a job for less than three years (Future Workplace Multiple Generations @ Work” Survey.) And Generation Z workers will only add to the pressure. But when you dive deeper into the statistics, you find the same things we’ve found: they’ll stay with a company that has culture, mission, mentoring, and meaning. That’s why we spend so much time on those elements. At the same time, we want to turn the lens around and discover if the candidate has, in psychologist and researcher Angela Duckworth’s word, “grit.” Grit is that highly-desired blend of passion and persistence that drives achievers to achieve.


While we have your attention, we could use your input. We are in the midst of research to develop a new assessment tool called SPARQ (Sales Persistence And Resilience Questionnaire) that will help our clients identify this crucial characteristic of grit in a candidate. If you would like to be a part of our research, please click here to contact Chad Thompson.


Can you start small and grow with us?

One of the biggest reason clients pick Mix is our flexibility and our ability to customize and personalize services around your needs—even as they change. “One Size Fits All” fits hardly anyone anymore. That’s why we designed both horizontal and vertical scalability to our business. Our robust RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) offering gives you the freedom to get started without having to build out first. And with our proprietary technology, we can deliver faster in the field, so you can move from few to full in weeks, not months. Every one of our client relationships is different, with unique timing and unique challenges. 

That’s the way we like it.