The special mix that
makes mix special.


If you add up all the experience we have in life science talent acquisition and consulting, it numbers in the decades. That’s what we’ve done. Now imagine taking that experience and accelerating and amplifying it. That’s what we’re doing. Fueled by our independent, entrepreneurial, nothing-is-impossible spirit, we’re free to navigate every new challenge you face with new insights, new technology, and wide-open instincts. And it’s that special mix that makes Mix special. 


Culture is built by people. And runs on talent.

We’ve amped every aspect of what we do; from our capabilities to our flexibility to our process to our technology, but they’re only extraordinary because of what they deliver: an extraordinary culture for your company. A culture that can increase your top and bottom lines, while reducing the lines on your brow.

Culture is the key to securing top talent, and top talent is the key to building and growing a truly magnetic culture. So we’re highly focused on how to bring your story alive to candidates, and then finding those candidates who will make your story stronger.


Experience “The Experience.”

The résumé farms cry “Volume Wins.” The big players play “Cut and Paste.” But our experience has taught us that it’s The Experience—how we treat you and how we treat candidates—that makes the difference. So, unlike others, we have big ears to match our big mouths. (We listen as well as have a point-of-view.)  We think about your business when we’re not on the clock. (Because your business is our business.) And we treat clients and candidates like humans. (Which they are 2/3 of their lives.) We know our job starts well before you say “Go” and well after a candidate says, “Yes.” By listening, thinking, and empathizing (find that word on another recruitment site and we’ll give you $100!), our job becomes more than a job-- and your job starts to feel less so.